Konstantin Lunarine

Choreographie/Performance: Paola Daniele Photo/Video/Montage/Original Score/Performance: Konstantin Lunarine SCYLLA The fear of abysses Myths evoke frightful sea creatures are images that continue to haunt us. The mythology of ancient Greece is full of terrifying monsters. These monsters, sometimes grotesque, always end up being defeated by the gods or heroes. Many of these monsters are hybrid beings, […]



composer & musician rein plays in bands, composes soundtracks & works together with dance performers together with different artists around the world, he worked in theatre projects, events & performances he likes music rough, experimental & exciting his home town is Berlin rein played and plays in bands like: Stereo Toy, kollaborea, miss no show, […]


Ulderico Di Domenico

Nasce a Napoli il 5 febbraio 1965. Artista eclettico che ha sviluppato l’arte in ogni direzione e linguaggio, dalla performance all’installazione, dalla pittura alla scultura, utilizzando diversi materiali e articolando l’idea secondo cui “l’arte non serve a decorare i muri, ma è uno strumento offensivo e difensivo”. Ambasciatore della rassegna d’arte internazionale “Berlinapoli”, cofondatore del […]